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No Ads. Mixes great in shakes and with food. “Best protein for digestion and assimilation! Very happy with this purchase and will purchase 25lb in bulk soon! This all-year outdoor pasture farming results in dairy products that are acclaimed worldwide for their goodness, nutrition, energy and taste. Kenneth S. on 12/08/2016 As always BP came through. Would consider purchasing again. “Makes great smoothies.

I found that it goes well with ice and water, but not so well when mixed with milk. Glad I did. Used Vega sport and it is horrible and bloating. You could not ask for a better whey!” Price was too good to turn down. I don't eat meat or dairy but I know how different the treatment of animals is there so that made me feel more comfortable in the purchase. I stepped up ho the 25 leer which is the route to go. Great quality and good value. Chocolate in my opinion is better than the biscuits but both very good. The only thing I would change is the option to use Stevia as a sweetener instead of sucralose.

High Immunoglobulins Hormone & Antibiotic Free! High in BCAA's The New Zealand Whey Pro-Series Isolate is designed for Active individuals, Seniors, and Lacto-Vegetarians. Ergogenics Nutrition Isolated formula only uses Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) processing, which results in a 100% undenatured whey protein product. Isolated whey also yields a high percentage of protein and contains NO Fat and Lactose. It is rapidly absorbed by the body because it's water soluble, making it ideal for Athletes and Seniors who break down muscle proteins at a quick rate. It will also benefit Lacto-Vegetarians who lack protein from their diet. "New Zealand Whey Pro-Series is the healthiest protein product on the market today" This unique formulation contains a full range of biologically active proteins that play a major role in antioxidant production (Glutathione precursors), RNA and DNA repair, improved liver function and red blood cell production, the binding and safe removal of heavy metals, wound healing, growth of new muscle and the support of various immune functions. Ergogenics Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate Frequently Asked Questions Is Ergogenics Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate organic? No, not certified. But the cattle by New Zealand law are not exposed to hormones, antibiotics, or any other foreign substances.

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